Following a successful randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 1a clinical trial in healthy volunteers which was carried out at the Sant Pau Hospital of Barcelona, Oncostellae’s  IBD asset OST-122 has now completed the dose escalation phase with multiple administrations. The oral JAK3/TYK2/ARK5 inhibitor has been well tolerated in all dose groups up to 1200 mg during 5 days of treatment and caused no significant adverse effects.

Also after multiple dosing, minimal plasma levels have been measured with individual Cmax values below 3.5 ng/mL which lowers the risk of acquiring systemic side effects associated with current JAK inhibitors in clinical use.

In feces, millimolar compound concentrations have been detected up to two days after the last administration which demonstrates that the compound is sufficiently stable throughout the GI-tract and that oral administration of OST-122 is specifically suitable for the local treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.