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By: Oncostellae

3-6 June 2019
Oncostellae expands partnering activities for OST-122 at the 2019 BIO Int’l Convention in Philadelphia
abril 23, 2019

Philadelphia, 3-6 June 2019 Guido Kurz, CEO of Oncostellae, attends the Bio International Convention that takes place on June 3-6, 2019…

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10 Dec 2018
GI-restricted Jak3/Tyk2 inhibitor OST-122 well tolerated in clinical phase Ia study

marzo 24, 2019

OST-122, a novel, gut-restricted Jak3/Tyk2 inhibitor for the local treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, has completed the first part of a randomized,…

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23 Jul 2018
Oncostellae initiated clinical development of OST-122

marzo 24, 2019

Oncostellae has started today a first-in-human study of OST-122, its novel, gut-restricted Jak3/Tyk2 inhibitor that is being developed for the local…

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25 Mar 2019
Oncostellae participates at the BIO-Europe partnering conference in Vienna

febrero 26, 2019

Oncostellae will assist at the 13th Annual International Partnering Conference BIO-Europe Spring that will be celebrated from 25 to 27 of…

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22 Feb 2019
IO4COLON Project Presentation

febrero 23, 2019

Last 22th of February at 12:00 pm was celebrated the Presentation of IO4COLON Project in the CIQUS Research Center We are pleased…

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25-27 Sep 2018
Oncostellae participates at Biospain 2018 in Seville

julio 19, 2018

Oncostellae participates at the 2018 Biospain congress that takes place from 25th to 27th of September  2018  in the Fibes Exhibition &…

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02 Jul 2018
Neogalfarm Project Results

julio 2, 2018

Nuevos fármacos contra el cáncer: Desarrollo de terapias dirigidas a diferentes dianas terapéuticas y de tratamientos combinados Período de ejecución: Febrero…

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4-7 June 2018
Oncostellae participates at the 2018 Bio International Convention in Boston

junio 12, 2018

Boston, 4-7 June 2018. Guido Kurz, CEO of Oncostellae, attends the Bio International Convention that takes place on June 4-7, 2018…

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14 Feb 2017
Cuatro biotecnológicas gallegas se alían en una plataforma para buscar nuevos fármacos contra el cáncer
febrero 14, 2016

GalChimia, AMSLab, Oncostellae y Nanogap presentan Neogalfarma, que aspira a diseñar, sintetizar y evaluar biológicamente nuevas moléculas antitumorales Cuatro empresas gallegas…

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